Floka Amphitheatre

Floka Amphitheatre

Behind Olympia, just 3 km (less than 2 miles) west of the Archaeological site and the Museum of Ancient Olympia, lies the Floka Amphitheatre, a copy of the ancient amphitheatres in Greece. It was built 30 years ago on the top of the hill of the village Floka.

As all theatres in Ancient Greece, Floka amphitheatre is an open-air structure that took advantage of sloping hillsides for its terraced seating. Stairs mounting to the highest levels divide the sections of seats into wedges; overlooking the core of the theatre, the Orchestra, the dancing place of the chorus and the chief performance space.

The theatre hosts many theatrical performances, concerts and other cultural events in the summer. The view of the valley is incredible and in a clean atmosphere you can even see your cruise ship at the port of Katakolon.

  • Concert in the Amphitheatre of Floka
  • Events taking place over the summer
  • Floka Amphitheatre – the seats and the stairs
  • The Orchestra of Floka Amphitheatre
  • Floka Amphitheatre

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