Kremasti Monastery

Kremasti Monastery

The Monastery of Kremasti (Hanging Monastery) is located 30 km (18 miles) from Katakolon and 15 km (9 miles) from Ancient Olympia.

Almost hanging from the side of a mountain, this Orthodox Monastery offers an amazing view that should not be missed. The complex history of this church goes back some 800 years.

According to the legend, one night, shepherds of the area saw a light through a hole in the rock. They tied a man with a rope and he went in to find the suspended icon of Virgin Mary. They couldn’t explain the presence of the icon there, so it was considered to be a sign from God that a monastery should be founded here. The first monks settled near the cave and build a small chapel inside it.

In 1930 the monastery was converted into a nunnery. The monastery celebrates on 23 August. Thousands of pilgrims on the eve during Vespers and on the day of the celebration flock to worship the Virgin Mary. It is said that the wicks of the oil lamp burning in front of the icon help couples who have fertility problems.

From the balcony of the church, the visitors can look down across the beauty of the agricultural land of Ilia up to the forest of Foloi and the magnificence River of Erymanthos.

The nuns living there are very hospitable. There is also a souvenir stand where they sell icons, handmade bracelets, etc.

It can be visited during the morning hours and it welcomes thousands of visitors throughout the year.



  • Kremasti Monastery
  • The “Hanging” Monastery
  • Inside the Monastery
  • 30 km (18 miles) from Katakolon

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