Modern Town of Olympia

Modern Town of Olympia

With countless souvenir shops, eateries and bars, the Modern Town of Olympia is in a walking distance from the ancient part of Olympia (about 5 – 10 minutes walk).

The town itself is divided in two by a long street, Kondyli Street. The street took its name from Panagiotis Kondylis, one of the most prominent Modern Greek thinkers and philosophers who was born and raised in Olympia.
Kondyli Street is considered as the centre and commercial heart of the town. There, visitors can find traditional Greek taverns, banks, ATM, mini markets, souvenir shops selling everything from jewelry and clothes to arts and crafts, as well as several cafes, bars and hotels. They can also change money, get maps or simply send a post card using the post office’ services.

The attraction of the modern town of Olympia offers a wide range of options in terms of tourist facilities. In addition, these are combined with a good connection to the ancient site which allows visitors to get in touch with the history of this place and experience its rich past.

Population of Olympia: 1000 residents

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