Skafidia Monastery

The Monastery of Skafidia is located just 7 km (4 miles) from Katakolon and beside the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea with an altitude of 30 meters.
It took its name after The Holy Mary of Skafidia (Panagia Skafidiotissa) and it was built in 10th century AD.

Inside the monastery complex there is a fortress, the “Tower of Skafidia”.
The tower is located at the center of the west wing of the monastery. It is a two-storey tall building with 4 cylindrical bastions. In the past, the building had very few openings and an entrance above the ground connected to the rest of the complex via a movable wooden bridge.

Once you are inside the monastery, wander around in the open courtyard and admire the old church where you can see frescos in the narthex dating back to the 10th century AD.

Apart from its remarkable architecture, the monastery has many treasures as Holy Vessels, vestments, reliquaries, uniforms, weapons, photographs, coins, votive offerings and the banner of the Abbey of handmade image consecration to the Virgin. It also has a library of many manuscripts referring to liturgy, music, icon painting and other subjects, but also in the history of the monastery and its participation in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The beautiful medieval monastery of Skafidia is now actually a nunnery. Nowadays the Monastery consists of 7 nuns.

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  • Skafidia Monastery

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