Our approach towards sustainability

An ethical and sustainable tourism policy which we always adhere.

We, the Visit Katakolon team, believe that tourism should and will grow in our area in a smart way. Tourism growth must be pursued with increasing emphasis on ethics and local community involvement.

Tourists at the same time, are becoming more ethically aware, seeking out information on how to travel ethically and sustainably.

They want a local and value added experience that traditional food, drinks, culture and heritage can provide.

That is precisely why we are always trying to provide trips where people experience the real community and the community gets real benefits as a result.

We are positive that commitment to credible sustainability criteria represents big opportunities for new entrepreneurs like ourselves.


Providing “The Real Thing”

Authenticity is a big buzzword in today’s tourism industry, frequently used, but rarely achieved. What most of the tour companies usually provide, is a form of cultural and environmental commoditization – in other words a sanitized version of the real thing.

We, in contrast, are determined to provide our customers with a truly authentic experience. As we see it, that way visitors get to enjoy a richer holiday experience.


Our Responsibility to be Responsible

The main aspect of our operational model, the “multi-stakeholder model” as we call it, focuses on working locally, establishing local partners and bringing together people who, some of them, had not been linked in any way before to tourism industry (e.g. owners of traditional taverns, coffee shops or bakeries in small agricultural villages, local wine producers, etc.).

For locals who have never been considered (or consider themselves) as stakeholders in tourism before, we would like to play a role in putting them in a position to start benefiting from tourism’s economic input, being part of the “host community”.

For this reason, we intend our excursions to go the extra mile to contribute to the upkeep of the local environment and the local community, suggesting for instance to our customers to buy their food from local, free range suppliers or providing additional services within the host community.


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