The Thermal Bath of Kyllini (Loutra Kyllinis or Linzi) is a Settlement in Ilia in the Peloponnese Region of Greece, 45 km (28 miles) northwest of Katakolon, 7.5 km (4.5 miles) from Chlemoutsi castle and only 1 km (0.6 miles) from Arkoudi beach (which awarded with a blue flag from EU for its clean water).

Loutra Kyllinis is an area of exceptional natural beauty. A region with dense vegetation by old age trees, mainly eucalyptuses. The thermal springs are between two lines of hills (mostly sandy) which format a valley spreading up to the sea for about 330 meters.

The impressive thing about these open-air thermals is that they are found (and used) inside an archaeological site. The site hosts ancient remains from a sanctuary of healing god Asclepius and also remains from Roman times, which shows that the thermals were famous since the antiquity. People swim in the springs and get fully covered with mud as part of their therapy.

The healing sources had been abandoned for centuries and since 1890 – on Charilaos Trikoupis presidency – began the exploitation with the concession in company SPAP (Railway Piraeus – Athens – Peloponnese) for fifty years.

The company SPAP, exploiting the Baths, constructed a spa with a big waiting room, 50 marble bathtubs, inhaling treatment and cleaning nose and ears, spraying the larynx, hotels and special guesthouses with apartments for rental, a park, flower gardens etc. During the German occupation and the civil war, the facilities were destroyed and only in 1951 EOT (Greek Tourism Organisation) recreated the spa, hotels and a camping in the area.

The temperature of the baths is 26 oC. The spa is open from June to October every year and is ideal for treating conditions such as: bronchial and allergic asthma (inhalation therapy), allergic rhinitis – sinusitis (nasal rinses – nasal inhalation), rheumatic arthritis (baths – hamam), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, neuralgias, migraines, laryngitis and skin ailments.

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